New "Moone Catalogue" in the style of Harriot

Geoff Burt (Hampshire Astronomical Group) has produced a new high quality drawing in the style of Thomas Harriot to mark the 400th Anniversary of his observations.

This 2009 Catalogue has a dual purpose; first to encourage lunar observations during the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and 'Moon Watch' weeks by providing a handy reference guide and second, to act as a legacy perpetuating Harriot's pioneering observations.

A dynamic version is available below; roll your cursor over the numbered features. The catalogue and notes may be viewed or downloaded using the thumbnails at the bottom.


Click the thumbnails below to view large images of the drawing and notes. You can also download a copy and print a copy for further study. Right click on the thumbnails below, select "Save link as ..." and point to where you wish to save the file (each file is approximately 1Mb).

Map                    Notes

The numbers on the new map correspond to 38 prominent lunar features, whereas the purpose of the numbers on Harriot's original (which are not the same) is discussed in our article entitled Harriot's Drawings

The numbers in brackets show the waxing phase day (from New Moon to Full Moon) during a lunation when each feature is best observed, being near the terminator just after lunar dawn. Thus Phase day 7 equates to First Quarter.

Catalogue and notes © Geoff Burt, to whom we are most grateful for providing them for publication on this site.






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